Choreographer: Mandy McLenigan
Projection Design: Isabella Fortunato
Lighting Design: Timothy “TJ” Wildow
Photo Credit: Ken Smith
Design Statment
The intent of this dance piece was to show the progression and darkness of going through mental illness. The lighting design functions to support this by providing a suggested mood arch with color and intensity that follows the piece. Specially, the design starts off with a low light, moody red; then transitioning to a cool and relaxed blue/purple/hint of yellow brighter section for the middle; and lastly returning to a dark, yet optimistic mix of red and natural amber. About 2/3 of the way into the piece the dancer is focused to the center through a top light color change that eventually closes the piece as the top light fades in line with the story of the piece.                   

Lighting Inspiration Collage 

Light Sketch & Spacing Rehersal

Final Cue Sheet

Production Photo

Production Photo

"OFFICE SUITES - A STORY IN THREE PARTS" - Parts 1 & 3 Highlights
Choreographer: Michael Deeb Weaver
Set & Projection Design: Nicholas J. Taboni 
Assistant Set & Props Design: Isabella Fortunato 
Lighting Design: Timothy “TJ” Wildow
Photo Credit: Ken Smith
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