Sculpture Designer - Crystal Rods

The design started out as an idea of projecting light through clear rods to embody the feeling of colorful crystals in a similar manner to the image shown above. (Sculptor: Crystal Gate by Dale Chihuly at Atlantis Resort - Paradise Island, Bahamas)​​​​​​​

Based on the inspiration, a 3/8" = 1' model was built as a proof of concept before the build was approved. 

The Model:
The model was built was made using foam core as a base and a mix or clear straws. When assembling, I ran out of clear straws and ended up using a two hot glue sticks as "rods" in the model. In a "happy accident" it became apparent that the light traveled through the rods much more effectively if they were solid in a fiber-optic effect. This revealed that the final design should have solid rods, or rods that material inside to help catch the light. The design ended up being approved and budgeted.


The enclosure and crystal tubes were drafted. This was TJ's first time drafting in AutoCAD.

The enclosure was made out of 3/4" plywood, with 2" x 4" crossmembers to mount the LED fixtures to. 2" x 4" feet were added to raise the box off the moist garden floor. A thin sheet of plastic was placed a top of the crossmembers for the crystal tubes to rest on to reduce the required height. The tubs were made form a thin lighting tub cover that was recycled from a previous production. TJ was out of town for construction and thus managed the outcome via phone/video calls along with progress photos. 

Realized Design
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