Spring 2022 Show Graphic Process
Visual PDF showing the progression of graphics from original concepts to finalized poster.
"Everybody" Fall 2020 Program

Fully digital program produced for the UBTHD's Fall 2020 fully remote production of "Everybody". Made in a 4:3 format to maximize viewing experience on a variety of mobile devices.

UBTHD Fall 2020 Season Promo Video
"Red Bike" Fall 2021 Virtual Playbill
In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to be more sustainable, the department moved to virtual playbills in the Fall 2021 for in-person performance. This unique solution had patrons scan a QR code to see a continuous scrollable PDF on a mobile device.
"Everybody" / "Zodiaque" Program Spring 2020
Dual program produced to reduce overall printing cost. Internal pages were designed to be printed in greyscale as an additional budget measure.
"The Lover" Poster Spring 2020
Poster printed on 11" x 18" semi-gloss paper for "bulletin board" advertising.
"Home and Away" Fall 2020 Poster
Poster produced for UBTHD's Fall 2020 Production of "Home and Away", a pre-recorded virtual dance concert. Made in a 16:9 and a 1:1 format as there as there was no printed copies of the poster.
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